Tips for Keeping Your Septic System Working Well

If you have a septic system on your property, you want it working smoothly. Septic system problems cause clogged pipes, sewage backups and other problems. This can damage property, smell, keep you from being able to use your plumbing and if you have a business, may cause the health department to intervene.

Here are some tips for keeping your septic system working well and flowing smoothly:

1.  Get your tank pumped regularly. Typically every 3-5 years is recommended, although the frequency will
     depend upon how much and often you use your system. We generally recommend every 3 years. 
     If you have a garbage disposal you should have it removed or just don’t use it.
2.  Minimize water use and spread out high-volume use throughout the day. Consider installing a water meter.
3.  Don’t flush anything that will kill bacteria such as paints, bleach or other chemicals. The system relies on
     naturally-occurring bacteria to break down the waste.
4.  Don’t flush anything that the bacteria can’t break down, such as paper other than toilet paper, feminine
     products, clay-based cat litter or powder detergents, oil, coffee grounds, floss, plastic, or hair.
5.  Plant only grass near or on your drain field so that plant or tree roots don’t interfere with the pipes or soil.
6.  Keep vehicles or livestock off the drain field and avoid compacting the soil.
7.  Prevent water from gutters or other sources from saturating the drain field area.
8.  Have your system inspected to ensure baffles, d-box and pipes are all working well.

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