Tacoma Side Sewer Videoing


Is the same sewer line clogging time and time again? Looking for a professional sanitation service company? Lee’s Sanitation Service is the trusted name when it comes to sanitation services in the Tacoma, WA area.

Established in 1950, we are the leaders in sanitation services.

Before there were cameras, it was a time-consuming task to fix even the most minor side sewer issues. Fortunately, the use of side sewer videoing as eliminate the time it takes to pinpoint the issue in any drainage system.

Our highly trained technicians are available round the clock to identify your side sewer problems and provide the answers you need.

Side sewer videoing provides us with the data we need to complete the job faster and better. The flexible rod makes it possible to perform side sewer videoing for pipes that are underground.

Our expert technicians, once after identifying the reasons for clogging, perform side sewer jetting and side sewer de-rooting to solve all sewer related problem. Side sewer videoing in the Tacoma area helps in identifying:

  • Stoppages due to grease build up
  • Blockages caused by root invasion
  • Broken sewer lines

Tacoma Side Sewer Jetting


For efficient sewer pipe cleaning, have side sewer jetting services done on your Tacoma area property. We perform side sewer jetting that removes deposits and debris from residential as well as commercial pipes.

Our technicians are expertly trained to use our commercial-grade water jetting machine that cuts through even the toughest mineral deposits and film.

Side sewer jetting helps in:

  • Blasting away impurities
  • Ensuring free flow of water
  • Maintaining the integrity of the pipes

Maintain the optimum condition of your side sewer lines with our side sewer jetting service.

Tacoma Side Sewer De-Rooting


We specialize in side sewer de-Rooting in the Tacoma area. When you contact us for side sewer de-rooting, we will send in state-of-the-art cutters to remove the roots that have intruded your sewer line.

For us, the size of the pipe is not an issue as we have the skills and tools necessary. Our technicians have complete knowledge about the latest side sewer de-rooting methods.

Why hire us for side sewer de-rooting? Because we have:

  • Affordable rates
  • Trained technicians
  • The latest machinery and equipment

Our combination of technology, expertise, and experience means that we complete your job with as much speed and accuracy as possible at affordable rates.

For side sewer videoing in the Tacoma region, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080. Side sewer de-rooting will unclog sewer pipes!