Side Sewer Videoing Puyallup


Sewer line problems do not always come with warnings. The side sewer running from your home to the city sewer lines are hidden underground which often makes it difficult to locate any problem area and the cause of sewer backup.

A professional sewer service specialist would help detect the issue easily with the side sewer videoing technique in any Puyallup, WA area property of yours.

Lee’s Sanitation Service is a leader in sanitation service and will help you clean your side sewer lines with side sewer jetting, side sewer de-rooting and other sanitation services.

The side sewer lines may run into various kinds of troubles including:

  • Clogs from debris and roots
  • Cracks
  • Collapsing pipes

When you see water backing up, a pool of smelly water in your yard or a slow drain, call us for a side sewer videoing in your Puyallup area property.

Sewer video inspection helps in pin-pointing sewer problems, preventing potential disasters, and costly repairs or replacements. We use hydro jet heads of different sizes for side sewer jetting to clear up stubborn clogs.

Side Sewer Jetting Puyallup


Homeowners are often unaware of side sewer line layouts underground and plant their trees and other landscape close to the pipes. The greenery then becomes a common cause of root invasion inside the sewer pipes.

Side sewer jetting in your Puyallup area home is a wonderful solution for unclogging the side sewer lines.

Timely side sewer de-rooting helps:

  • Prevent sewer pipe clogs
  • Keep the pipes functional
  • Averts larger damages

Preventive side sewer videoing with submersible cameras and side sewer jetting also allows clearing partial blocks before they cause bigger and more expensive problems.

Puyallup Side Sewer De-Rooting


Side sewer de-rooting in your Puyallup area residential and commercial property is one of the best ways to remove roots from drain pipes. Call us to eliminate the ‘root-cause’ of sewer pipe blockages.

We gauge the problem with the side sewer videoing technique and cut the roots mechanically. Our services are:

  • Prompt
  • Affordable
  • Professional

Besides side sewer jetting there are other ways of side sewer de-rooting that are used. Digging up the tree roots or using chemicals are some of the alternatives.

Pin-pointing the location of the roots with side sewer videoing and side sewer jetting is one of the safest options to use.

Schedule a side sewer videoing in your Puyallup area today. Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 for residential and commercial side sewer de-rooting!

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