Side Sewer Videoing Maple Valley


Side sewers carry wastewater from a home or building to the main sewer lines of a city. Side sewer lines get blocked due to various reasons.

When you face such a crisis, professional side sewer videoing in your Maple Valley, WA area property may be the most effective way to locate the problem and help decide on side sewer de-rooting using effective hydro jetting or side sewer jetting services.

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service to run perform side sewer videoing to detect the problem and provide an appropriate solution for side sewer line blockages.

Using a sewer line camera allows precise examination and location of blocked areas. A sewer camera inspection magnifies captured images to help analyze flaws inside the sewer lines. The benefits of side sewer videoing are:

  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Assists in accurate inspection
  • Makes repair and cleaning easy

Taking a peek inside the pipes allow us to locate the source of the problem, understand it better and find suitable solutions. For penetrating roots, we are equipped with side sewer de-rooting devices to take appropriate action.

Side Sewer Jetting Maple Valley


Clogs inside sewers happen due to various reasons and side sewer jetting in your Maple Valley area home or business is one of the best ways to fix such sewer clogs.

  • Accumulated grease, fat, or oil
  • Debris buildup
  • Penetrating tree roots

For debris deposits, we use the side sewer jetting method to remove the obstruction causing the blockage. The high-pressure sewer jetting also works well for side sewer de-rooting or to remove invading tree roots.

Maple Valley Side Sewer De-Rooting


Even when roots entering the sewer pipes are cut off every year, they grow through the joints and interfere in the efficiency of the side sewers.

Our advanced equipment for side sewer de-rooting used in Maple Valley area side sewers include cutters that go inside the sewer lines to chop-off the intruding roots.

Other causes of side sewer clogging can include:

  • Damaged or crushed pipes
  • Leaking joints
  • Corrosion

Our side sewer videoing services give us the advantage of pinpointing the location of the problem and eliminate the need for unnecessary digging work on your property.

Call us for side sewer de-rooting on your residential or commercial property today. With expert side sewer videoing and side sewer jetting services we will promptly get your side sewer unclogged.

For side sewer videoing in the Maple Valley area by Lee’s Sanitation Service, call (253) 777-1750. We offer side sewer jetting for residential and commercial property and unclog sewer pipes with side sewer de-rooting quickly!

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