Lakewood Side Sewer Videoing


The private sewer line or side sewer that runs from your home to the city sewer line faces various issues like blocking, cracks and root invasion.

Side sewer videoing in your Lakewood, WA area property is the easiest way to detect problems in your side sewer line and get them fixed quickly. Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for professional and prompt solutions to all septic system repairs and replacements.

Side sewer videoing helps to detect sewer problems accurately, helping with efficient repair and replacement when needed. Benefits of side sewer videoing or sewer camera inspection services are:

  • Non-invasive inspection of sewer lines
  • Identifying the cause of sewer problems without digging
  • Finding the precise problem area

Often sewer lines are clogged with debris and tree roots can be handled by side sewer jetting services. A side sewer videoing for your Lakewood area property eliminates unnecessary repairs.

A sewer line video inspection also allows experts to understand when side sewer de-rooting is needed to clear the sewer line.

Lakewood Side Sewer Jetting


Hiring professionals to unclog sewer lines using the advanced technology of side sewer jetting in your Lakewood area residential and commercial property makes the process simple.

Hydro jetting sewer lines clear lateral obstructions which otherwise causes severe damage to pipes. This method is often used for side sewer de-rooting which saves from damaging the property.

Why is side sewer jetting better than the traditional methods?

  • It is safe for the pipes
  • Quick and easy
  • Capable of removing stubborn sewer clogs

Our side sewer jetting experts utilize side sewer videoing to locate, identify and clear clogs.

Lakewood Side Sewer De-Rooting


Roots entering the sewer lines through joints are a common problem. Our side sewer de-rooting technicians in the Lakewood area removes tree roots with cutting blades.

You may need side sewer de-rooting services at regular intervals because cutting tree roots just once does not mean they will not grow back. Roots that remain in the joints grow again.

By employing side sewer videoing, we can exactly tell you about the conditions inside the side sewer lines.

Call us for side sewer de-rooting to save your pipes from:

  • Clogs
  • Collapse
  • Cracks

Eliminate the invasive roots to keep the ‘root cause’ of blocks at bay!

For side sewer videoing in the Lakewood area by Lee’s Sanitation Service, call us at (253) 245-1080. We provide side sewer jetting in residential and commercial properties. Call for side sewer de-rooting to unclog sewer pipes!

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