Kent Side Sewer Videoing


Lee’s Sanitation Service is the renowned name in the Kent, WA area for side sewer videoing for your home or office. In business since 1950, we take great pride in being known as the area experts to trust for sewer cleaning.

We offer side sewer videoing service to residential and commercial customers alike.

An essential tool in plumbing today, sewer camera inspection and video recording eliminate guesswork in determining the type, cause, and location of blockages in drains and pipes.

Our side sewer videoing service is offered to Kent area residents by the experts in the field.

It is not only the knowledge and expertise of our company that has made us popular among our clients. To retain our reputation, we use updated side sewer videoing devices and calibrate them frequently.

Our side sewer videoing service is known for:

  • Understanding intricacies
  • Years of expertise
  • Remaining updated with latest technologies

Kent Side Sewer Jetting


Are you experiencing side sewer backups and have not had success in trying to correct the problem? Give our side sewer jetting team in the Kent area a call.

Our side sewer jetting team is known for providing optimum service to all clients and will not leave a stone unturned when determining the cause for your sewer problem.

If doubtful about our expertise, read the reviews of our side sewer jetting team. We not only offer side sewer jetting to dislodge the clogs but we also provide side sewer installation service.

Our side sewer jetting service is preferred for:

  • Professional job approach
  • Methodical process
  • Guarantee of satisfaction

We strongly recommend regular maintenance and cleaning of the hidden pipes and lines throughout your plumbing system. Video inspection of suspect lines is employed to catch potential problems long before costly damage occurs.

Kent Side Sewer De-Rooting


Not all plumbing services offer you side sewer de-rooting. For an expert side sewer de-rooting service in the Kent area schedule an appointment with us.

Our side sewer de-rooting team will clean the sewer system completely and make you forget about water clogging issues. Our side sewer de-rooting is affordable, is done with excellent customer service, and is guaranteed.

Our side sewer de-rooting team assures you:

  • Timely response
  • Fast completion
  • Affordable rates

Stay on top of your sewer issues. Be proactive and schedule your side sewer de-rooting appointment today.

For side sewer de-rooting or side sewer videoing around Kent call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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