Side Sewer Videoing Federal Way


The smooth working of your sewer lines is essential to ensure clean and hygienic surroundings. Clogged or broken sewer lines can be very problematic.

The inefficient flow of sewer or any drain problems need an immediate solution and you must trust the experts to do the job correctly.

Place your trust in Lee’s Sanitation Service for side sewer videoing in the Federal Way, WA area. Having a sewer line video inspection or side sewer videoing lets you know about the:

  • Exact location of the problem
  • Nature of the problem
  • Material which the drain is made of
  • Required repairs or replacement needed

Using high-quality cameras, we offer side sewer videoing not just when there are clogged lines but also in cases of pre-home sales.

An internal side sewer videoing and inspection prior to purchasing a property will let you know about the condition of the sewer lines.

Side Sewer Jetting Federal Way


Most cases of side sewer clogging are solved by hydro jetting the sewer lines. This process is also known as side sewer jetting as the sewer lines from homes to the city sewer are called side sewers. Side sewer jetting requires not just specialized equipment but trained hands as well.

You must choose an experienced company for high-pressure sewer jetting. Offering side sewer jetting services for Federal Way area residents, we ensure the following:

  • Odor-free surroundings
  • Clog-free sewer lines
  • Complete debris removal

To learn more about the details of the side sewer jetting and side sewer videoing processes, give us a call today. In addition, learn of other options that are available for removal of clogging of sewer lines.

Federal Way Side Sewer De-Rooting


At times it is not only debris that clogs the side sewers but also roots of trees that grow in sewer lines. Debris and other materials get tangled in these roots leading to a complete blockage of the side sewer.

Removing roots from drain pipes is called side sewer de-rooting. Call us for side sewer de-rooting services in the Federal Way area as we are:

  • Thorough professionals
  • Equipped with the right tools
  • Highly recommended
  • Reasonably priced

After our side sewer de-rooting service, Federal Way area homeowners and business owners will not experience sewer line clogging for a long time. Trust our trained staff for efficient and thorough side sewer de-rooting services.

Reach Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for any side sewer jetting and side sewer de-rooting services needed around Federal Way.