Side Sewers Videoing and Jetting

If you are on city sewer service, the sewer line between your house and the city sewer – called the side sewer – can clog, too. When that happens, you may need professional help to fix the clog.

Lee’s Sanitation Service can help. We work with residential and commercial property owners to fix clogged side sewers.

Side Sewer Videoing Auburn


Are you looking for side sewer videoing in the Auburn, WA region? Call Lee’s Sanitation Service. Side sewer videoing is one of the most valuable processes in the business of plumbing.

The cameras used allow the experts to take a glimpse of the sewer lines condition from inside. Since 1950 we have been offering superior plumbing services to the area and are the go-to plumbing service providers.

We believe in providing quality services and complete satisfaction to our customers. Sewer video inspection is the right way to check the current condition of sewer and pipes. This also helps plumbers to detect possible plumbing problem early on.

Advantages of side sewer videoing include:

  • Avoid unnecessary digging
  • Easier to locate the problem
  • Use of a time and money saving technique

Side Sewer Jetting Auburn


Hydro jetting, also known as side sewer jetting, is one of the most amazing and quick methods to clean drain lines and sewer lines. For side sewer jetting service in the Auburn area, call us.

For commercial, residential, and industrial establishments, side sewer clogs are an irritation. You need the side sewer clog removed quickly by professionals who know side sewer jetting.

We provide a wide range of sewer and septic services, beginning with side sewer jetting. Side sewer jetting is actually effective because it completely clears the line.

Traditional ways such as snaking will remove the blockage, but not fully. For side sewer jetting in the Auburn area, call us.

Advantages of side sewer jetting

  • Effective
  • Prevent future plumbing issues
  • Sanitary

Auburn Side Sewer De-Rooting


Searching for a side sewer de-rooting service around Auburn? Contact us. We are able to fix any side sewer plumbing issues you may have. Your side sewer pipe is full of water and oxygen.

That is why the roots of the tree grow toward the pipe. These roots slow down your side sewer system. Continuous growth of roots can collapse the sewer pipes and will cause a blockage.

Side sewer de-rooting is a way to fix this bothersome issue. If roots in your area are giving your sewer system trouble, then benefit from side sewer de-rooting from our professionals.

For effective sewer video inspection or side sewer de-rooting service, contact us!

Why choose side sewer de-rooting from us?

  • Professionals
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Ensures the safety of the property

Call the experts at side sewer de-rooting. Call us!

For side sewer videoing services around the Auburn area, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750. We offer side sewer jetting for commercial and residential properties.

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