Tukwila Sewer Pump Replacement


Proper daily waste disposal is a necessity for properties to remain functional, which is why it is crucial for septic tank pumps to operate with 100% efficiency at all times.

The instant a pump malfunction occurs, property owners should immediately contact a sanitation service provider for sewer pump replacement or repair, whichever one might be required.

Lee’s Sanitation Service is the expert to call for sewer pump replacement services in Tukwila, WA. We specialize in all kinds of septic system installation, repair, and replacement projects.

Since starting the company in 1950, we have carried out septic tank pump replacement on countless properties to restore normalcy to their septic systems.

We understand the need for urgency in situations that call for sewer pump replacement in Tukwila homes or businesses. Property owners who turn to us for help with broken septic tank pumps can trust us to send our sewer pump replacement experts:

  • Promptly
  • With proper tools and materials
  • With instructions to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Tukwila Septic Tank Pumps


Has your septic tank alarm sounded? It should alert you to an impending septic system overflow, which usually happens when the septic tank pumps and floats stop working. The water level in the septic tank rises quickly when wastewater is no longer being pumped out, which can lead to a stinking sewage mess on your property.

We offer fast and efficient sewer pump replacement services to minimize the problems brought on by broken septic tank pumps in Tukwila homes or commercial establishments.

Our technicians do their best to deal with stalled or damaged septic tank pumps before our customers have to deal with:

  • Health issues from sewage backup
  • Disruption in household work or routine tasks
  • Loss of business
  • Trouble with municipal authorities

Tukwila Sewer Pump Installation


Need to get new sewer pump systems installed on your property and want to be sure that the sewer pump installation is done well? Hire us for the job.

Our company is equipped to handle any big or small job for residential, as well as commercial, sewer pump installation in Tukwila. After we reach the job site to install septic tank pumps, our customers can relax, knowing that they can expect:

  • Code-compliant sewer pump installation
  • Hassle-free sewer pump installation
  • Low sewage pump installation cost

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for sewer pump replacement or new sewer pump installation on your Tukwila home or business property.

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