Spanaway Sewer Pump Replacement


Have you noticed that the septic system in your property is not pumping out waste as quickly and efficiently as it should? The reason could be a sewer pump that has outlived its normal lifespan.

If this is the case, you will need to get a sewer pump replacement on your Spanaway, WA property as soon as possible. Lee’s Sanitation Service can help!

Since 1950, our company has been replacing septic tank pumps in homes and commercial buildings so that property owners do not have any hassles with waste disposal.

Sewer pump replacement becomes unavoidable when the pumps get old, worn-out, or too badly damaged. Sometimes, premature sewer pump replacement may be required if the installed septic tank pumps are of poor quality.

Whatever the reason you need sewer pump replacement in Spanaway, let us handle the job. We make sure to:

  • Put trained technicians on the septic pump replacement job
  • Use quality pumps that perform efficiently and last a long time
  • Get the work done correctly the very first time

Spanaway Septic Tank Pumps


It is difficult for properties, residential or commercial, to get through even a single day if their septic tank pumps are broken. Efficiently-functioning septic tank pumps and floats are critical for septic systems to work normally.

Otherwise, the water level in the tank will begin to rise before long, causing septic tank overflow and sewage back up.

A timely call to us for sewer pump replacement can help you limit your problems from broken septic tank pumps in Spanaway. You should watch out for signs of septic pump malfunctioning, such as:

  • A pump running loudly
  • The septic tank alarm going off
  • Needing to run the pump longer than usual
  • The circuit breaker tripping when turning the pump on

Spanaway Sewer Pump Installation


Make sure your investment in sewer pump installation provides great return on your money by hiring competent, dependable professionals like us for the job.

Installation of sewer pump systems can be hazardous if left to untrained hands, and the fallouts can include electrical shocks and extensive property damage.

Let us meet your sewer pump installation needs in Spanaway. Our services are available for both residential and commercial sewer pump installation. We:

  • Offer prompt scheduling of sewer pump installation jobs
  • Help customers choose the right pumps for their waste disposal needs
  • Complete all installations in a neat, professional, hassle-free manner

Dial (253) 777-1750 to hire the services of Lee’s Sanitation Service for sewer pump installation or replacement in Spanaway.