Redmond Sewer Pump Replacement


Stalled septic tank pumps cannot be ignored, and it is very important to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you need sewer pump replacement services in Redmond, WA, place a call to Lee’s Sanitation Service.

We are a leading provider of sanitation services, helping homes and businesses by providing septic systems that run well and reliably. Our company has been in business since 1950.

When it is time for new sewer pump installation or sewer pump replacement in Redmond, we are the people you can turn to with the assurance that your job will be done:

  • In the fastest time possible
  • With compliance to local codes
  • Without any oversight
  • By trained technicians with proven skills

We appreciate the faith our customers place in us by choosing our services for their septic pump replacement needs.

We make sure that our technicians work meticulously to provide proper sewer pump replacement that eliminates all present and future septic tank pumps problems for our customers.

Redmond Septic Tank Pumps


People tend to take their septic systems for granted, which is why they are greatly stressed when the system goes kaput or develops broken septic tank pumps and floats. Of course, the reason for their distress is not just the unexpected sewer pump breakdown, but also the numerous problems that the breakdown brings.

Broken septic tank pumps in Redmond properties can spell a lot of trouble. Ineffective pumps can bring the septic system to a halt which, in turn, leads to a rise in the water level in the septic tank, causing sewage to back up onto the property.

Because of this, broken septic pumps mean:

  • Health issues from unhygienic, stinking, raw sewage
  • Disruption of household/business activities
  • Property damage

We schedule sewer pump replacement jobs quickly to minimize such problems for our customers.

Redmond Sewer Pump Installation


You must hire qualified and reliable professionals to handle your sewer pump installation job. Efficient waste management on your property is possible only when the septic tank pumps function properly, which is why sewer pump installation cannot be entrusted to the neighborhood handymen.

We offer extremely professional, hassle-free services for residential and commercial sewer pump installation in Redmond. Our customers can count on us to complete their sewer pump installation jobs with septic pump systems that are:

  • Of high quality
  • Built for excellent performance and durability
  • Installed with precision

Have broken septic tank pumps in Redmond? Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 to learn more about our sewer pump replacement services.

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