Puyallup Sewer Pump Replacement


Many properties possess septic systems that safely dispose of their daily waste. These systems depend on septic tank pumps to function properly, which means that a pump malfunction must be addressed immediately and repaired ASAP.

For septic tank pumps that have outlasted their utility or are damaged beyond repair, sewer pump replacement must be carried out without any delay.

Here at Lee’s Sanitation Service, we offer sewer pump replacement services for Puyallup, WA residents whose properties need new septic tank pumps. Our company has been handling septic tank replacement and installation jobs since 1950.

We have worked hard to make a name for ourselves by providing flawless sewer pump replacement services. All our sewer pump replacement work in Puyallup is handled by skilled technicians who:

  • Remove the old pump carefully
  • Carry out new sewer pump installation with due diligence
  • Use high-quality sewage pumps with proper horsepower
  • Leave the job site clean and the customer satisfied

Puyallup Septic Tank Pumps


The importance of sewer pump systems in our day-to-day life is realized only when the pumps break down. At such times, sewer pump replacement or repair becomes the top priority for people who previously did not spare a thought for the septic tank pumps on their Puyallup properties.

Unless we are called in quickly to fix broken septic tank pumps and floats, these can cause quite a few stressful problems for home and business owners alike. Breakdown of the pump can lead to sewage backup onto the property, resulting in:

  • Hygiene and health issues
  • Stalling of routine activities
  • Upsetting family members, employees, guests, or customers
  • Extensive repair costs that property owners were not anticipating

Puyallup Sewer Pump Installation


Sewage ejector pump installation or replacement is best left to professionals like us.

Septic tank pumps generally operate on 115 volts AC, which means that property owners who take a DIY approach to sewer pump replacement or sewer pump installation can end up exposing themselves to a deadly electric shock.

Stay safe and let us handle your sewer pump installation job in Puyallup. Our technicians have extensive experience in sewer pump installation and are capable of handling any big or small, residential or commercial job. They perform sewer pump installation:

  • With unmatched expertise
  • Using advanced tools
  • That follows the proper safety measures

Dial (253) 777-1750 to discuss your sewer pump installation needs in Puyallup with the experts at Lee’s Sanitation Service.

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