North Bend Sewer Pump Replacement


Lee’s Sanitation Service has been providing sewer pump replacement services to the residents of North Bend, WA since 1950. We have built a reputation as one of the most trusted North Bend sewer pump replacement contractors.

Our plumbers are highly skilled at North Bend sewer pump replacement jobs and will resolve the sewer pump malfunction in no time. They will leave the job site clean and ensure that your septic system is up and running again. We offer professional North Bend sewer pump replacement services for both residential and commercial properties.

You will need to get sewer pump replacement work done to get rid of problems such as these:

  • Debris jamming the impeller
  • Blockage in the pump
  • Control float switch malfunction
  • Broken pipework
  • Alarm malfunction

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North Bend Sewage Pumps


North Bend sewage pumps are an essential part of the septic system as they prevent the septic tank from overflowing. An overflow is smelly and messy, can damage property, and cause hazardous health conditions. Therefore, it is important to regularly maintain these pumps and if needed call for a North Bend sewage pumps replacement.

We specialize in working with septic systems and can replace a septic tank pump on properties with septic systems of any type or size. We will evaluate the North Bend sewage pumps and replace them with working ones quickly.

Our North Bend sewage pumps experts are trained to work with various types of pumps including:

  • Pumps for dry installation
  • Submersible motor pumps
  • Close-coupled pumps
  • Torque flow pumps

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North Bend Sewer Pump Replacing


If you are looking for a cost-effective North Bend sewer pump replacing company, then you have come to the right place. When a sewer pump breaks and stops pumping wastewater out of the septic tank, the water level in the tank quickly rises which can be resolved by a North Bend sewer pump replacing specialist.

Pump breakdown should be addressed quickly with the necessary repairs or calling in for a North Bend sewer pump replacing company. With our high-quality North Bend sewer pump replacing services, you can be assured that your new pump will effectively eliminate waste from your home or business.

Our plumbers come with all the necessary equipment required to carry outsewer pump replacing jobs at all kinds of properties such as these:

  • Residential pump replacement
  • Commercial spaces
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial sewage pumps

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service now for reliable North Bend sewer pump replacing technicians!

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