Lakewood Sewer Pump Replacement


Searching for the right company to hire for sewer pump replacement in the Lakewood, WA area? You need to know just one name – Lee’s Sanitation Service. Since 1950, we have been one of the most trusted sources for septic tank pump replacement and repair in the area.

We specialize in working with septic systems and can replace septic tank pumps on properties with septic systems of any type or size.

We are available to carry out sewer pump replacement in homes as well as commercial properties. Sewer pump replacement on Lakewood properties may be required when the septic tank pumps:

  • Wear out due to aging
  • Have seen frequent repairs and are still not functioning
  • Were installed poorly or using a poor-quality product
  • Are overworked due to increased waste generation on the property

No matter why or how your septic pump stops working, let no one else but our technicians handle your sewer pump replacement job!

Lakewood Septic Tank Pumps


Those who have dealt with septic pump breakdown know how crucial fully-functional septic tank pumps and floats are for efficient waste disposal, and so do we!

We understand that broken septic tank pumps can soon flood Lakewood properties with stinking sewage, creating hazards for the health, property, and reputation of the property owners.

We advise everyone to get their septic tank pumps checked at the earliest signs of malfunction. Waste no time in calling us in for sewer pump replacement or repair if you notice that:

  • The pump makes strange sounds while running
  • You have to run the pump for longer than usual
  • The septic tank alarm starts buzzing
  • Starting the pump causes the circuit breaker to trip

Lakewood Sewer Pump Installation


There are several jobs around the home or work place that DIY enthusiasts may handle easily, but sewer pump installation is certainly not one of those.

It involves working with electricity and adhering to certain municipal codes, and septic systems are dependent on accurate sewer pump installation, which is best left to the experts.

Do not take chances with your safety and hygiene just to save a bit on the sewage pump installation cost. Call us for sewer pump installation services in Lakewood that combine precision and affordability. When you choose us for residential/commercial sewer pump installation, expect us to:

  • Respond quickly
  • Behave professionally
  • Provide error-free work
  • Charge competitive prices

Trust Lee’s Sanitation Service with your sewer pump installation or replacement job in Lakewood. Dial (253) 777-1750.

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