Kent Sewer Pump Replacement


When it comes to sewer pump replacement in Kent, WA, Lee’s Sanitation Service is the name that home and business owners have trusted since 1950.

We work on sewer pump replacement projects in Kent with the goal of surpassing the best industry standards and exceeding all customer expectations. Our technicians can be relied upon to exhibit:

  • Efficiency with removal of old pump and installation of new one
  • Extreme courtesy and friendliness with customer interaction
  • Professionalism during the entire septic pump replacement job

Kent Septic Tank Pumps


Inefficient or stalled septic tank pumps can cause hassles that can bring homes and businesses to a halt. Unless fixed quickly with the required sewer pump replacement or repair, problems with septic tank pumps in Kent properties can burden the inhabitants with:

  • Hygiene issues
  • Health risks
  • Losses (financial and physical) caused by damage to the property

When septic tank pumps and floats stop working as they should, the efficiency of septic systems decreases drastically. The water level in the septic tank starts rising as a result, and in a short time, sewage starts backing up. The resulting stinky mess can be really tough to deal with.

Give us a call for sewer pump replacement as soon as you have concerns that the septic system is not pumping properly. Our technicians understand the critical importance of septic tank pumps and will reach you quickly to restore your septic system with a new pump.

Kent Sewer Pump Installation


Time to remove the worn or damaged pump in your septic system and install a new one? Give our sewer pump installation specialists a call. Installation of sewer pump systems can be risky if attempted by someone who lacks suitable training and equipment for the job.

Septic tank pumps work on 115 volts AC, and sewer pump installation in any Kent home or business performed an non-expert can have damaging consequences.

Why invite needless hassles by attempting DIY sewer pump installation when we are here to do it for you? We serve you with skilled and experienced technicians who use cutting-edge tools and top-quality products to get sewer pump installation in your property done:

  • Quickly
  • Flawlessly
  • Safely

Our affordable pricing further makes us the right people to engage for sewer pump installation services.

Think of Lee’s Sanitation Service when you have trouble with septic tank pumps in Kent. Call (253) 777-1750 to schedule your sewer pump replacement job.

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