Issaquah Sewer Pump Replacement


One of the problems that all property owners dread experiencing is septic or sewer pump failure. Properties that are not linked to city sewers and that maintain private septic systems cannot afford to have their septic tank pumps stop functioning.

Still, like other mechanical and electrical devices, septic tank pumps do sometimes develop snags that hamper their operation. Instead of panicking when your sewer pump slows or fails, call Lee’s Sanitation Service for sewer pump replacement services.

We are leading septic system experts who have been meeting the sewer pump installation and sewer pump replacement needs in Issaquah, WA since 1950.

Staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians, we can handle sewer pump replacement jobs in any big or small property, whether residential or commercial.

All those who call us for sewer pump replacement services in Issaquah can trust us for:

  • Prompt responses
  • Quick yet flawless work
  • Courteous conduct throughout the septic pump replacement job

Issaquah Septic Tank Pumps


It is impossible for properties to remain hygienic and habitable if their septic tank pumps and floats are not running at peak efficiency. Broken septic tank pumps can:

  • Stall the functioning of septic system
  • Pervade the property with disgusting sewer odor
  • Cause sewage backup onto the property

Understandably, inoperative septic tank pumps in Issaquah properties can disrupt life and business in a big way. We are happy to provide sewer pump replacement and repair services to end such problems faced by property owners.

Our company sends in skilled technicians to inspect the defective septic tank pumps, detect the exact issue, and take appropriate corrective action to fix the underlying problem.

Issaquah Sewer Pump Installation


The last thing that people want to be burdened with in their hectic lives is frequent problems with their sewer pump systems. This is why aware and discerning properties owners entrust their sewer pump installation jobs to us.

We handle all our residential and commercial sewer pump installation jobs in Issaquah with a steadfast commitment to completing them with precision.

Hiring us for sewer pump installation or sewer pump replacement is an assurance that your septic system has a pump that runs:

  • Efficiently and reliably
  • With minimal breakdowns
  • For years to come

Dial (253) 777-1750 to know more about the services offered by Lee’s Sanitation Service for sewer pump installation and replacement in the Issaquah area.

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