Graham Sewer Pump Replacement


Septic system malfunction in any residential or commercial property can mean big trouble, as waste disposal becomes difficult.

One thing that can hamper a septic system is failure of septic tank pumps. Often, sewer pump replacement is required to get the system up and running again.

Since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation Service has been one of the foremost sources for sewer pump replacement services in the Graham, WA area.

We respond promptly to all calls we get for septic tank pump replacement because we realize that stalled septic tank pumps bring homes and commercial properties much trouble as sewage starts backing up.

To avoid this mess and stress, you should call us for sewer pump replacement on your Graham property at the first signs of trouble. Some indications that you may need to get sewer pump replacement done are:

  • Unusual noises while the pump operates
  • Little or no fluid produced, even if pump is run for a long time
  • Pump runs longer than usual
  • Repeated tripping of circuit breakers when you start the pump

Graham Septic Tank Pumps


Yet another sign that should alert people to failure of their septic tank pumps and floats is the buzzing of the septic tank alarm. The alarm is programmed to sound off when the water level in a septic tank rises.

This happens when the pump stops working and wastewater is no longer pumped out of the septic tank into the drain field.

Needless to say, broken septic tank pumps in Graham properties cause serious problems, including a pile-up of stinking sewage on the premises.

We can come quickly for sewer pump replacement and protect our customers from the many problems brought on by sewage backup, such as:

  • Health issues
  • Municipal penalties
  • Disruption in household work or business

Graham Sewer Pump Installation


The job for replacing broken septic tank pumps should be trusted only to suitably trained and experienced technicians. The expertise with which your new sewer pump installation is done has a major bearing on the future functioning of your septic system.

Let us handle your sewer pump installation needs in Graham. We have skilled technicians who have installed sewer pumps in countless residential and commercial properties.

They complete all their sewer pump installation jobs with the utmost perfection. Our experts ensure that sewer pump installation is done:

  • Fast
  • Flawlessly
  • Using pumps of the right size and quality

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for sewer pump installation or replacement in the Graham area.