Enumclaw Sewer Pump Replacement


Properties that are not on a city sewer system need to maintain an independent septic system. This system needs to run efficiently at all times, as a breakdown can stop disposal of waste generated on the property.

One of the issues that can disrupt a septic system working is a snag in the sewer pump.

Lee’s Sanitation Service provides sewer pump replacement services for Enumclaw, WA residents to get their stalled septic systems back to up and running. We appreciate that sewer pump replacement is not something that can wait, which is why we schedule the job with minimal delay.

We also realize that our customers trust us to perform flawless sewer pump replacement so that the pump runs without any glitches for a long time to come.

To ensure this, we entrust all our sewer pump replacement jobs in Enumclaw only to technicians who are:

  • Rigorously trained
  • Highly experienced
  • Sincere and diligent
  • Equipped with proper tools

Enumclaw Septic Tank Pumps


Waste is generated almost continually in any inhabited home or commercial establishment. Therefore, it is important that the septic systems installed there works efficiently at all times.

Broken septic tank pumps and floats can stall the septic system and hamper proper waste disposal. That is why property owners dread having their septic tank pumps break down.

We are here to provide prompt and efficient sewer pump replacement services so that broken septic tank pumps in Enumclaw properties do not create any major problem for our customers.

If you want to be spared the hassles that can be caused by defective septic tank pumps, call us the moment you notice that your septic pump is not working properly. Indications of a failing septic tank pumps include:

  • Septic tank alarm going off
  • Pump running nosily
  • Circuit breaker repeatedly tripping when pump is switched on

Enumclaw Sewer Pump Installation


Looking for competent technicians to carry out sewer pump installation in your new construction? Need sewer pump installation services to replace existing, old, or worn-out sewer pump systems? Call us!

Our company can meet any residential and commercial requirement for sewer pump installation in Enumclaw. We take pride in our stellar standing in the area as a septic system expert.

To maintain and grow our reputation, we perform all sewer pump installation jobs with:

  • Complete professionalism
  • Detailed attention
  • Commitment to quality workmanship

Make Lee’s Sanitation Service your first call for sewer pump installation or replacement in Enumclaw. Call (253) 777-1750.