Covington Sewer Pump Replacement


Property owners who are having problems with their septic tank pumps in Covington, WA should get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service.

Septic systems installed in homes and commercial properties depend heavily on their sewage ejector pumps. These pumps work several times every day to send waste in manageable quantities through the system.

When septic tank pumps stop working, it hampers the proper disposal of waste. Pump breakdown should be addressed quickly with the necessary repairs or replacement.

Our company specializes in sewer pump replacement services. You can get your septic system back to normal in no time, and our technicians remove your broken septic pump and perform new sewer pump installation.

We have been in the sanitation industry since 1950 and are equipped to complete sewer pump replacement jobs in Covington to perfection.

We always conduct sewer pump replacement:

  • Within a quick timeframe
  • With extreme diligence
  • That fit local codes
  • Using top grade products

Covington Septic Tank Pumps


Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance when it comes to replacing septic tank pumps and floats. Whether septic tank pumps break down from old age or extended use, electrical issues or improper installation, their breakdown can cause grave problems.

Stalled septic tank pumps lead to sewage backups that leave the property owner facing:

  • Health hazards
  • Disruptions in life or business
  • Extensive property damage
  • Penalties from the health department

Sewer pump replacement is, obviously, not something that can wait. It is just as important that the broken septic tank pumps on Covington properties be replaced by skilled and trained technicians like ours.

We ensure a quick and permanent end to our customer’s hassles with our prompt and seamless sewer pump replacement services.

Covington Sewer Pump Installation


Accurate sewer pump installation on Covington properties is essential to ensuring that each home or office has sewer pump systems that work:

  • For many years to come
  • At peak efficiency
  • Without downtime
  • With minimal repair requirements

Hire the services of our expert technicians for sewer pump installation and experience the peace of mind that comes from fixing your septic system problems. Our professionals work with a commitment to completing all sewer pump installation jobs to the highest industry standards.

Look no further than Lee’s Sanitation Service if you need sewer pump installation on your new construction project, or an old sewer pump replacement on your existing Covington property. Call (253) 777-1750.

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