Sewer Pump Replacement & Installation

If you have a problem with your sewer pump, chances are you know it. When a sewer pump breaks and stops pumping wastewater out of the septic tank, the water level in the tank quickly rises. When the water level gets too high, a high water alarm sounds.

The alarm is installed to warn a property owner of an impending septic system overflow, so when the warning system sounds, it sounds big and it sounds loud. And with good reason.

A septic system overflow can be disastrous to a home or business. When a septic tank overflows, wastewater and sewage can back up – spilling onto a drain field or backing up into basements, toilets, bathtubs or drains. An overflow is smelly and messy, can damage property and cause hazardous health conditions. This can be especially difficult for a business such as a restaurant, where the health department may intervene.

Lee’s Sanitation Services specializes in sewer pump replacements. We come quickly to evaluate the sewer pump and replace it with a working pump as quickly as possible.

If you need a sewer pump replacement, minimize the amount of water you are sending to your septic tank and call Lee’s Sanitation Service.

Auburn Sewer Pump Replacement


Problems with septic tank pumps are not to be taken lightly, nor should you put them off until later.

An inefficient or inoperative sewer pump spells disaster for your home or business, and if you do not call in professionals for sewer pump replacement, you might soon have stinking sewage backing up onto your property.

Hire us at Lee’s Sanitation Service for sewer pump replacement services in Auburn, WA the instant you notice something wrong with your septic pump.

A few signs to alert you that you might need septic tank pump replacement include:

  • The circuit breaker constantly tripping when the pump is switched on
  • Strange sounds when the pump runs
  • The pump running for longer than usual
  • Almost no fluid produced, even after the pump runs for some time

Appreciating the critical importance of septic tank pumps, we waste no time in dispatching our sewer pump replacement experts to your Auburn home or business place.

Auburn Septic Tank Pumps


All the people who have ever had to deal with broken septic tank pumps and floats will know what a nuisance the situation can be. It is important for property owners to be able to keep an eye on the level of water in their septic tank and also have a tank pump that runs efficiently.

Broken float switches and broken septic tank pumps make this impossible.

We offer sewer pump replacement and repair services to help our customers minimize the problems caused by the damaged septic tank pumps on their Auburn properties. Our technicians can fix all big and small pump defects, whether they are caused by:

  • Electrical issues
  • Overworking
  • Excessive waste

Auburn Sewer Pump Installation


We specialize in sewer pump installation, and Auburn residents can count on us to give their properties sewer pump systems that run efficiently for many years to come. Our company caters to both residential and commercial sewer pump installation needs.

Give us a call when you want septic tank and sewer pump installation for your new construction. You can also call us if you need sewer pump replacement for a dead pump that is beyond repair.

We make sure that all our sewer pump installation jobs are handled with:

  • Meticulous care and attention to detail
  • The utmost professionalism
  • A commitment to doing seamless work

Rely on Lee’s Sanitation Service for all your sewer pump installation and replacement needs in Auburn. Call (253) 777-1750.

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