Spanaway Sewer Pump Repair


It is necessary to have sewage ejector pumps on properties where the sewer of a property is too far from the city’s sewers or lower than the grade of the septic tank. These pumps move waste towards the sewers or tanks and prevent it from backing up into the pipes or property.

Though many people take their sewer pumps for granted, they can develop issues occasionally. Sewer pump repair is required at the earliest opportunity to prevent serious repercussions across the property and life of property owners.

At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we provide sewer pump repair services in Spanaway, WA to keep the wastewater system in homes and commercial properties running without any hassle. Our full-service septic company specializes in sewage pump repair and septic pump repair work.

We can handle any big or small sewer pump repair job in Spanaway. The common problems that you can call our sewer pump repair experts to fix include:

  • Sewage ejector pump running continuously
  • Sewer pump does not turn on
  • Waxy build-up clogs the pump and jams the float

Spanaway Sewage Pump Repair


Many people think that, because they have a sewage pump on their property, they can throw anything down the drain. They do not realize that doing so is one of the biggest reasons why they need frequent sewage pump repair.

The other causes behind frequent sewage pump repair in Spanaway properties include:

  • Too-small sewage ejector pump
  • Improperly installed pump
  • Poor sewage ejector pump maintenance

Regardless of why your sewer pump fails, do not settle for anything less than the finest sewage pump repair services that you can get. Call us for sewage ejector pump troubleshooting.

We send over highly trained technicians equipped with the most advanced tools and technology to carry out your sewer pump repair.

Spanaway Septic Pump Repair


We ensure equally high-quality services for septic pump repair jobs. A high-performing septic tank pump is a key element of a septic system installed on properties not connected to city sewers.

Septic pump problems can lead to sewage backups into a building, as the septic tank stops pushing waste out into the drain field. Call us for septic pump repair in your Spanaway property before sewage makes your property uninhabitable.

We respond promptly and assure you of:

  • Effective and lasting septic pump repair solutions
  • Fair and affordable septic pump repair prices
  • Job site cleanup after all work is done

Let Lee’s Sanitation Service take care of all your septic and sewage pump repair needs in Spanaway. Call (253) 777-1750.

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