Enumclaw Sewer Pump Repair


Sewer pump repair is crucial to maintain the flow of water and solid wastes to septic tanks. Proper maintenance of sewer pumps can increase its life and extend the value of your investment for many years to come.

We at Lee’s Sanitation Service provide sewer pump repair services in Enumclaw, WA. Sewer pump repair ensures that the water flows in the right direction and that the tank functions correctly. We as a sewer pump repair service provider serve our clients with:

  • Sewer pump replacement
  • Installation of new units
  • Maintenance of sewer pumps
  • Sewer pump repair

We also provide high quality sewage pump repair and septic pump repair services using only the latest tools and equipment. We ensure that all faulty areas are resolved and that you will get optimum results from our work. Call us to get a quote for sewer pump repair service in Enumclaw.

Enumclaw Sewage Pump Repair


When a sewer pump is properly installed, it can last for years. One of the most common reasons for faults in a sewer pump occurs when the pump is not installed properly. Our sewage pump repair service in Enumclaw can resolve all the faults with the existing pump or replace it if it is beyond repair.

We provide solutions by using the latest tools and equipment to gives the best results. We ensure:

  • Quality service
  • Highly equipped technicians
  • 100% customer satisfaction

We also undertake any type of septic pump repair work, whether it is a small repair work or a larger replacement of the whole system. Trust our sewage pump repair services as we never compromise on our quality.

We also provide the best results for all services including sump pump repair. Our team ensures proper investigation of sewage pump repair needs and we provide the most honest advice. We recommend pump replacement only if it is required.

Enumclaw Septic Pump Repair


Septic pumps are installed in septic tanks to move larger solid items and waste water away from your home or business, which is not possible with just a septic tank. There are various problems that may arise in septic tanks, such as septic pump repair, that may need small or extensive repair work.

We offer septic pump repair service in Enumclaw with a goal to diagnose and treat the faulty area quickly. Along with septic pump repair, we also provide sewage pump repair to ensure proper transfer of the liquid or small solid particles to your septic tank. Some signs that septic pump repair may be required are:

  • Noise or lack of noise
  • Leaks
  • Float problems
  • Wiring issues
  • Motor problems
  • Sewage backup

Reach us at Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for sewage pump repair or septic pump repair service in Enumclaw.

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