Eatonville Sewer Pump Repair


Properties with sewer pipes installed lower than the municipal sewer line need to have a sewage ejector pump installed to push the wastewater through to the sewer main. Meanwhile, properties that are not connected to the city sewers use a private septic system that needs a strong septic tank effluent pump system to keep running efficiently.

Both these pumps can develop snags sometimes. You have no time to waste in getting sewer pump repair done. This is where Lee’s Sanitation Service steps in. We offer comprehensive sewer pump repair services in Eatonville, WA.

We are equipped to fix sewage and septic pumps of all makes, models and sizes. There are no sewage and septic pump problems that are beyond our capabilities. Our company is reputed for delivering sewer pump repair services that:

  • Are quick and efficient
  • Offer lasting solutions
  • Come at competitive rates

Call now to discuss your sewer pump repair needs in Eatonville.

Eatonville Sewage Pump Repair


Is your sewage ejector pump humming but not turning on? Are you worried to find that your sewage ejector pump keeps running continuously? Call us for sewage ejector pump troubleshooting and repair.

Sewage pump repair is not a DIY job or something for the neighborhood handyman to do. Efficient waste disposal on your property depends largely on a high-performing sewage pump.

You want sewage pump repair that does not just get your pump up and running, but keeps it working fine for a long time to come. Turn to us for such sewage pump repair services in the Eatonville area. We ensure a seamless sewage pump repair job by getting it done with the finest:

  • Workforce
  • Equipment
  • Materials

Eatonville Septic Pump Repair


Our septic pump repair services for Eatonville residents are also marked by similar excellence in every aspect of the job. We realize that properties that depend on a septic system cannot get through even a single day with the septic tank pump not working right.

That is why we do not let calls for septic pump repair go unanswered and strive to dispatch our sewer pump repair team to the job site as soon as possible.

We can also be trusted for:

  • Recommending only necessary septic pump repair
  • Doing the septic pump repair correctly
  • Job site cleanup after septic pump repair is done
  • Extending great customer service throughout the job

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for sewage pump repair in the Eatonville area.