Tacoma Septic Tank Repair


The city of Tacoma, WA, is well known for its safe and clean environment. No resident of the town enjoys having septic system problems on their property. To maintain a smooth running septic system in your home you will need the help of professional septic tank repair services. We, at Lee’s Sanitation Service, have been providing worry-free septic tank repair services to the residents of Tacoma since 1950.

We offer expert services for fixing septic system problems that allow you to take a backseat while we provide a septic tank repair solution tailored to meet your needs. We have skilled professionals for all kinds of septic system repair work in Tacoma.

You can call us for the following:

  • All kinds of septic tank repair jobs
  • All kinds of septic system repair work
  • Quick and efficient septic system repair
  • Budget friendly septic tank repair in Tacoma
  • State-of-the-art septic tank repair

Let our septic tank repair services take care so you can shed all your worries.

Tacoma Septic System Repair


Imagine a situation where you no longer need to worry about septic system problems at your property. Thanks to our septic system repair services you can enjoy such a luxury in Tacoma! If you want a new septic system installed or need septic system repair and maintenance work in Tacoma, use us and benefit from the following:

  • Trained and experienced septic system repair professionals
  • Septic cleaning and septic tank pumping
  • Septic tank and sewage pump maintenance
  • Installation and repairing of sewage pumps and pipes
  • High quality septic system repair work in Tacoma

Tacoma Septic System Problems


Our expert technicians can remove all your worries by providing skilled knowhow to solve all your septic system problems in Tacoma. When it comes to septic system problems in Tacoma, you can be assured of receiving only professional solutions from us. We are here to attend to your needs related to the following septic system problems in Tacoma:

  • Diagnosing septic system problems in Tacoma
  • All kinds of septic cleaning problems
  • Installation of septic tank
  • Septic tank overflow and clogging
  • Septic tank repair and septic system repair

Lee’s Sanitation Service will not let residents of Tacoma down, as we provide reliable, septic tank repair and septic system repair services to solve all your septic system problems. Call us now at (253) 777-1750!

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