Burien Septic Tank Repair


For those who seek septic tank repair in Burien WA, Lee’s Sanitation Service is a well-known, respected name in the area. Since 1950, we have been offering quality service to our customers to ensure all their septic system problems are solved effectively.

Managing your own septic tank repair or any other septic tank problems it is not an easy task. We provide complete septic system repair solutions. If you need septic tank repair or septic system maintenance in Burien, you can rely on us. We provide:

  • Professional septic tank repair in Burien
  • Septic tank repair using latest technology and machines in Burien
  • Timely septic tank repair in Burien
  • Complete septic system repair services

Burien Septic System Repair


A long-lasting and durable septic tank is something that we all want, and with timely septic system repair it is possible. With our septic system repair services in Burien, you can be sure of your tank’s longevity. If you have a faulty septic system the risk of infection increases especially with humidity. To stop the health risks increasing you need to look for help from expert septic system repair services in Burien. Call us for:

  • Cleaning a septic tank or septic pump out
  • Septic system repair for a jammed tank in Burien
  • Maintenance and septic system repair in Burien
  • Any other septic system repair job

Burien Septic System Problems


When you start to experience septic system problems in Burien, you need to consider the cleaning options available to you. It is very troublesome to solve septic system problems without professional help and may lead to bigger problems with your septic system. Septic system problems in Burien also come with the heightened fear of infection and disease, as the system becomes a hub for germs and bacteria. Our professionals are expert in solving all kinds of septic system problems in Burien.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should contact us to solve your septic system problems in Burien:

  • Septic tank repair expertise
  • Leave septic system problems to the professionals
  • Easy and prompt septic system repair
  • Septic system repair and regular tank clean up

So stop worrying about septic system problems and get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service for expert repairs in Burien. Call (253) 777-1750 and get in touch with us today for septic system maintenance, septic system repair and septic tank repair services.

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