Septic Tank Removal

Kent Septic Tank Removal


Are you looking for a reliable company that provides septic tank removal in Kent, WA, or surrounding areas? Whether you need a credible Kent septic tank removal service because you have transitioned to the city sewer or are considering the Kent septic tank removal service to replace the old septic system, we have the perfect Kent septic tank removal team for you. Since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation Service has been taking care of your sanitation services.

If you need Kent septic tank removal on your residential or commercial property, our Kent septic tank removal professionals are here to do all the dirty work!

In addition to providing you with Kent septic tank removal facilities, we also provide you a wide range of services related to your septic system. Reach out to us for:

  • Septic installation services
  • Septic repair services
  • Septic inspection services
  • Septic maintenance services

For stress-free Kent septic tank removal service, get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service today!

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Kent Septic Tank Removing


Do you know why timely Kent septic tank removing service is so important? Instead of letting the unused septic tank lie underground waiting to collapse, it is recommended that you hire a good Kent septic tank removing service to ensure that there are no hidden threats lying under or around your property.

If you use well water from a nearby well, it is advisable to hire our Kent septic tank removing company so there is no threat of old, dirty, and leaking water contaminating your ground water.

Even if you do not have well water and care about the environment, go for Kent septic tank removing service to ensure that the nearby land, streams, and rivers, etc. are not contaminated.

  • Residential septic tank removal
  • Commercial septic tank removal
  • Old septic tank removal
  • Kent septic tank removing company
  • Disposing off existing septic tank

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for great quality Kent septic tank removing services!

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Kent Septic Removal Company


You do not have to go far when looking for a dependable Kent septic removal company that does not cost you an arm and a leg. Our Kent septic removal company is right here! Our Kent septic removal company will provide you with competitive rates and an unmatched level of service.

Talk to our friendly staff by reaching out to our Kent septic removal company today!

  • Removing onsite septic system
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Removing septic tank
  • Kent septic removal company
  • Septic tank removal near me

Call your trusted Kent septic removal company, Lee’s Sanitation Service, now!

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