Septic Tank Pumping Service for Renton Residents * Septic Tank Maintenance


Lee’s Sanitation Service has been helping Renton residents for more than 60 years. We specialize in septic tank pumpingservices as well as septic system repair. Septic Tank Cleaning Renton Wa septic system professionals for septic pumping, septic system installation, or maintenance and repairs. 

All Renton residents, home or commercial, depend on their septic systems if they’re not on Renton city sewers. To maintain your septic system in excellent operating order, septic pumping must be performed on a routine basis.

Your Renton septic system processes all the waste water out of your home or business. Not just solid waste and waste water from lavatories, but all waste water from other drains as well. Your dishwasher, washing machine, bathrooms and bathtubs send waste water to your septic tank to be refined.

In Renton, septic tank pumping service is suggested every 3-5 years for ordinary use. The larger the common use, the more regular septic pumping must be performed. This ordinary care process is the first step in extending the life of the septic system. Septic tank pumpingservice is needed for all septic systems because: 

  • Solid waste (or sludge) will sink towards the base of the tank
  • Sludge will continue to accumulate and thicken
  • A coating of grease will collect at the top of the tank
  • Without septic pumping, the inlets and outlets may become blocked

A septic tank full of oil, grease and sludge will not function correctly. If the inlets become blocked, the sewage may have no place to go and will back up into drains or bathrooms inside the house or business. Obviously, this results in a stinky, cluttered, and harmful scenario. This is prevented with routine septic tank pumping services.


Septic Pumping Services for Renton Residential or Commercial 


We provide specialist septic tank pumping services to the Renton neighborhood. Our highly-trained and expert septic pumping crew can arrive at your Renton location prepared to complete the job, once an appointment is made by you! You can anticipate septic tank pumping service to include:


  • A fully-equipped septic pumping truck
  • Courteous technicians with regard for clients and property
  • 20-30 minute septic pumping process


Septic Pumping Renton * Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Care


In addition to conventional septic tank pumping services, there are some additional issues you may do to avoid excessive septic tank pumping.septic-tank-pumping-renton-wa good working order (and to avoid excessive septic pumping), here are a few suggestions and recommendations for our Auburn customers:


  • Do not grow trees, plants or shrubs on or near drain field area
  • Do not park or drive automobiles on drain field
  • Only flush toilet paper


Renton residents should call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic system servicing and repairs.253-245-1080