Kent Septic Tank Pumping


As a property owner, you have to ensure that your place has an efficient waste management system and complies with the municipal laws concerning its condition. If you maintain a private septic system, make sure its tank is pumped and cleaned every few years (usually 3 to 5 years). Regular septic pumping is necessary to remove the sludge accumulated in the tank so that it can continue to receive more waste.

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic tank pumping services in Kent, WA. Founded in 1950, our septic service company specializes in handling septic tank cleaning jobs. We cater to septic pumping needs of homes as well as commercial properties. We strive to be extremely thorough in our septic tank pumping work in Kent properties.

The tasks done by our technicians to ensure comprehensive septic tank cleaning include:

  • Making a careful septic tank inspection
  • Pumping sludge out of the septic tank
  • Bagging the removed waste
  • Disposing the sewage at an appropriate location

Kent Septic Tank Cleaning


You should ensure timely septic tank cleaning in your Kent property if you do not want your household or business to be brought to an abrupt halt as the drains and toilets start backing up. By putting off the necessary septic tank pumping, you do not avoid any expense but instead invite a lot of hassle and increased expenses.

Do not wait for sewage to flood your living or work space; remember to call us on schedule for septic tank cleaning. We plan the septic service for a time that is convenient for you and send over technicians who have:

  • Extensive training and experience in septic tank pumping
  • Access to the most advanced septic pumping equipment
  • A commitment to doing the job quickly and flawlessly

Kent Septic Pumping


Septic tank pumping is not something that you should take lightly. It is important that you do not just get your septic tank pumped at the recommended intervals, but that you also hire the right professionals to do the job.

Let us take care of your septic pumping needs in Kent. With our state-of-the-art septic trucks and highly skilled crew, we are equipped for seamless septic tank pumping in any big or small property. Some other things that make us the septic pumping expert to hire include our:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Personalized service
  • Fair and affordable prices
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Commitment to being the best in our trade

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for septic tank cleaning services in Kent.