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Your Issaquah septic system should not be taken for granted. Because it is not a topic that is discussed at the dinner table,septic-tank-pumping-issaquah-wa it is easy to forget how important it is.

When you are not on the Issaquah city sewers, your septic system is responsible for containing, processing and filtering all of the solid waste and waste water from your Issaquah home or business.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has been serving the Issaquah community with septic pumping and sanitation services for over 60 years.

We are an expert in septic tank pumping and septic system maintenance and repair, as well as installation of new septic systems.

All of the waste water from your Issaquah home or business is held in your septic tank. This is more than just waste from the toilets, but also includes all waste water from sinks, bathtubs, showers, washing machines and dishwashers.

We recommend septic tank pumping be done every 3-5 years. The higher the normal usage, the more frequent septic pumping should be done. Septic pumping is required on a regular basis because:


  • Sludge (heavier sewage material) will continue to sink to the bottom
  • Buildup of sludge will become deeper over time
  • Grease layers will form at the top of the septic tank
  • A tank full of grease and sludge may clog inlets and outlets

If your septic tank becomes too full, Issaquah residents may experience sewage backing up into your drains or toilets. To avoid this unhealthy and extremely unpleasant event, be sure to maintain a routine septic tank pumping schedule.

Issaquah Septic Tank Pumping * Issaquah Septic Pumping Maintenance


Keeping your Issaquah septic tank in good working order is an easy process. Issaquah home or business owners can give us a call to schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping. Our experienced and highly-trained septic pumping crew is ready, willing and able to provide excellent service. You can expect:


  • A fully-equipped septic pumping truck
  • Respect and courtesy for customers and property
  • Septic tank pumping will be completed in 30 minutes


Issaquah Septic Tank Recommendations * Issaquah Septic Pumping

In addition to routine septic tank pumping to keep your Issaquah septic tank in good working order, there are other ways you can help maintain your septic system. To avoid excessive septic pumping, or reduce the need for costly septic system repairs:


  • Keep your drain field clear of trees or bushes – roots can cause damage to pipes
  • Keep vehicles off of drain field – do not drive over or park on drain field
  • Do not dump bleach, paint or other chemicals that can kill natural bacteria in drains
  • Do not flush anything but toilet paper


You can depend on Lee’s Sanitation Services for all of your Issaquah septic tank pumping and septic system needs. Call today! 253-245-1080