Issaquah Septic Tank Pumping


Is your home or commercial property not connected to the issaquah sewer system and instead has a septic system installed for waste management? If so, regular septic pumping and septic tank cleaning services by trained professionals are a must for hassle-free daily living.

The recommended frequency of septic tank pumping in Issaquah, WA properties is once every three to five years. But the exact time interval after which you should get septic tank pumping done on your particular property depends on several factors, including:

  • Size of the septic tank
  • Number of persons using the plumbing/sewer system
  • Quantity of waste generated on average daily on the property

Lee’s Sanitation Service can help you know the right schedule for septic tank pumping in your Issaquah home or business place and also perform the septic pumping for you. We are a leading septic service specialist that has been meeting the septic tank cleaning needs of this community since 1950.

Issaquah Septic Tank Cleaning


It can be easy for property owners to take their septic systems for granted and, caught in a rushed life, forget all about when their septic tank pumping and cleaning is due. They, however, may end up paying a big price for such carelessness.

If you neglect on-schedule septic tank cleaning in your Issaquah property, before long you could be dealing with:

  • A stinking mess in the place from backing up toilets and drains
  • Health issues arising from exposure to raw sewage
  • Property damage from flooring, carpets, furnishings, etc. soaking in sewage
  • Abrupt interruption in business or household work

The only solution to avoid these problems is to call us without fail to your place for periodic septic inspection, septic pumping, and septic tank cleaning.

Issaquah Septic Pumping


Efficient septic tank pumping is essential to ensure proper waste management so that you maintain a hygienic property, stay clear of municipal violations, and avoid needless disruptions in family or work life.

Call us for septic pumping services in Issaquah so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your system is in skilled and reliable hands. We entrust your septic tank cleaning job to highly trained and experienced technicians who bring a well-equipped septic pumping truck.

You can count on our experts to carry out the septic tank pumping work:

  • At a fast pace
  • Carefully and thoroughly
  • In compliance with the local environmental laws

We charge competitive prices for septic pumping. Trust Lee’s Sanitation Service for unmatched septic tank cleaning services in Issaquah. Dial (253) 777-1750.