Renton Septic Tank Inspection


Many property owners overlook the importance of septic tank inspection. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners should seek septic tank inspection every 3 years and get their septic tanks pumped every 3 to 5 years.

A septic tank inspection ensures that everything is working like it should. A septic tank inspection also identifies any minor problems before they become major issues.

Ignoring septic tank inspection and pumping can potentially lead to costly damage that can compromise your health and safety. At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we provide professional septic tank inspection services to Renton, WA property owners.

Our septic tank inspection can identify various septic tank problems, such as:

  • Excess solid wastes
  • Collapsed baffles
  • T-pipe damage

Renton Sewer Inspection


Are you planning to sell your house? The condition of your sewer line can significantly influence the decision of homebuyers when purchasing a house. Before putting your house on the market, order a professional sewer inspection.

Come to us for honest, professional sewer inspection services in Renton. We use the most advanced sewer inspection equipment to determine the condition of your residential sewer lines.

Our sewer inspection can identify problems that will allow homeowners to make an informed decision about the repairs needed.

The benefit of our sewer line inspection services include the ability to:

  • Determine the health of your sewer lines
  • Pinpoint the exact location of the problem
  • Make precise sewer repairs
  • Enjoy peace of mind

Renton Septic System Inspection


A septic system replacement can be a big, unforeseen expense for any new homebuyer. That is why it is important to order a septic system inspection when buying a house. We follow a comprehensive approach to septic system inspection and our licensed inspectors thoroughly inspect each component your system.

What makes us one of the best septic system inspection companies? We provide outstanding customer service from start to finish. Our entire team works hard to deliver excellent septic system inspection services to our Renton clients.

Our cutting-edge training and equipment allow us to perform septic system inspection without causing a major disruption to your property or daily routine.

A few other benefits to choosing us for your septic system inspection needs in Renton include our:

  • Professional recommendations
  • Transparent pricing
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

For more information on our septic and sewer inspection services in Renton and the nearby areas, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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