Lakewood Septic Tank Inspection


People who put their property on the market do a lot to get it ready to ensure that it fetches the best possible price. They are also legally bound to get certain tasks done, one of which being a complete septic system inspection.

Septic tank inspection in Lakewood, WA is required to close a house sale under local septic tank regulations. The septic system inspection also has to be done by a certified technician.

The key objective of septic tank inspection is to reassure potential buyers that:

  • The location of the septic tank is up to code
  • The septic system is in good working condition
  • There is no risk of sudden septic system failure
  • Septic repairs are not likely any time soon

Lee’s Sanitation Service is authorized to conduct septic inspection in this community. You can call us for a detailed septic tank inspection on your Lakewood property before or after it goes on the market.

Lakewood Sewer Inspection


The condition of a sewer system on any property tends to be a mystery for everyone other than its owner. That’s why it is advisable to ask the homeowner for a sewer inspection before you decide to buy a particular house.

Free-flowing and reliable sewers are a must for convenient daily living and sewer repair and replacement can be quite costly. Both should be reason enough for you to not take sewer inspection lightly if you are planning to buy a home.

Let us take care of your sewer inspection needs in Lakewood. We assure you of honest and comprehensive sewer pipe inspection. We:

  • Use the latest equipment for sewer inspection
  • Put highly skilled technicians on the sewer inspection job
  • Ensure diligent inspection leading to an accurate report

Lakewood Septic System Inspection


Proper septic tank inspection when buying a house goes a long way in helping the buyer:

  • Pay a fair price and avoid getting ripped-off
  • Prevent septic troubles for a long time to come
  • Make a wise investment

Septic system inspection in a Lakewood property also makes it easier for the owner to sell it. Choose our company to ensure seamless and useful septic tank inspection. We have the necessary septic system inspection certification and we are known for conducting high-quality inspections at affordable rates.

Reach Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for sewer inspection or septic system inspection services in Lakewood.

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