Issaquah Septic Tank Inspection


Planning to sell a property that has a septic system? One of the essential steps you should take to prepare it for sale is getting a septic system inspection done by a licensed OSM (onsite system maintainer).

According to the state septic tank regulations, the sale of your property can be closed and the title can be transferred to the buyer only after a septic inspection verifies that your septic tank system is in good condition.

Place a call to Lee’s Sanitation Service if you need septic tank inspection services in Issaquah, WA. We are certified for the job and have extensive experience in conducting sewer inspection as well as complete septic system inspection.

We always perform a comprehensive septic tank inspection, whatever the size of the septic system. Our septic tank inspection in your Issaquah property includes:

  • Check for code compliance of septic tank location
  • Sewage containment test
  • Plumbing evacuation operation checking

Issaquah Sewer Inspection


We can carry out sewer inspection in Issaquah for prospective home buyers who want the condition of the sewage system in a specific property assessed correctly before making the purchase. Our meticulous sewer inspection minimizes their chances of facing wastewater disposal problems or incurring expensive sewer repairs shortly after acquiring the new home.

Our company sends over highly skilled and experienced technicians to do the sewer pipe inspection work. Their sewer inspection identifies important things like:

  • Quality of materials the sewer lines are made of
  • Any visible damage to the pipelines
  • Clogs building up inside the sewer pipes
  • Expected useful life still left in the sewers

We take care that our sewer inspection is non-destructive. Our technicians use high-tech waterproof cameras to perform a detailed sewer inspection without harming the yard.

Issaquah Septic System Inspection


We strive to provide septic system inspection services that are extremely professional in every aspect. We have been offering our expertise for sewer inspection and septic tank inspection since 1950.

The long experience has not just honed our skills at septic system inspection but also made us aware of all that our customers expect from us.

All our septic system inspection jobs in Issaquah are marked by:

  • Thorough work
  • Honest report
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable rates

Choose us if you want to work with one of the best septic tank inspection companies around.

To schedule a visit by the experts at Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic system inspection in your Issaquah property, call (253) 777-1750.

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