Hobart Septic Tank Inspection


Place a call to Lee’s Sanitation Service if you are looking for seasoned professionals to conduct a septic tank inspection on your Hobart, WA property. The septic tank is a critical part of the on-site septic system installed on a property that is not connected to the municipal sewer system.

Periodic Hobart septic tank inspection is essential to assess the health of the septic system so that it keeps functioning efficiently. A Hobart septic tank inspection may also be required to detect the cause of system malfunctioning.

Contact us no matter why you need a Hobart septic tank inspection on your property. Our company caters to all the requirements for septic and sewer inspection services. We send skilled, experienced technicians for:

  • Sewer tank inspection
  • Septic tank servicing
  • Sewage tank inspection
  • Holding tank inspection

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for a Hobart septic tank inspection!

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Hobart Sewer Inspection


We realize that a Hobart sewer inspection should always be done diligently and comprehensively. A casual and unprofessional approach to the job defeats the very purpose of the Hobart sewer inspection, which is to confirm the condition of the waste disposal system.

Hire us for Hobart sewer inspection with complete assurance of a job done thoroughly by proven professionals committed to serving your best interests. Whether you bring in our technicians for a complete septic system inspection or just septic tank inspection, they work with attention to detail.

Let us be your first and last call for Hobart sewer inspection services. We come to you with cutting-edge tools and technologies for:

  • Septic inspection
  • Sewer system inspection
  • Septic testing
  • Sewer maintenance
  • Sewer video inspection

Get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service for Hobart sewer inspection specialists!

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Hobart Septic System Inspection


It is advisable to invest in Hobart septic system inspection for the preventive maintenance of the infrastructure installed for wastewater disposal. We advise people not to wait for ugly sewage backups into the property before scheduling a Hobart septic system inspection to find and fix what went wrong.

We are glad to serve every home and business owner who wants a Hobart septic system inspection performed on their property. If you have any questions about our Hobart septic system inspection service that we provide, contact our team.

Whether you turn to us for a pre-scheduled or emergency Hobart septic system inspection job, our technicians ensure a detailed examination of all components that include:

  • Septic lines
  • Septic tank
  • Septic pump
  • Distribution box
  • Leach field

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for a Hobart septic system inspection on your property!

(253) 777-1750

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