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If you have a septic tank, it is filling with waste water and sewage every day. Every time water goes down a drain, waste is flushed down the toilet while waste water and sewage is deposited into your septic tank.

If the tank fills, the sewage will have no place to go. It will come seeping back up into your toilets, sinks and other drains.

To avoid this messy, unhealthy problem, septic tanks must be pumped at regular intervals. Pumping out a septic tank is not something to try on your own. It takes specialized equipment to safely pump, contain and transport the waste water and sewage to a proper disposal site.

Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in septic tank pumping. We can take care of your septic tank pumping in a matter of minutes, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your tank is pumped and ready to receive waste water and sewage.

As septic tanks fill with sewage and waste water, the heavier material sinks to the bottom. This sewage, or sludge, gets thicker and deeper with time. On the top, grease builds up. As the grease and sludge thicken, they can clog inlets to the house causing sewage backups and causing debris to be released into your drainage field.

Most tanks should be pumped every three to five years, depending on the level of usage. This regular pumping will keep the system operating properly.

More frequent pumping may be a good idea before a period of heavy usage, for instance before a party where there will be a lot of waste sent into the system.

Auburn Septic Tank Repair

With the right equipment, pumping a septic tank is quite simple. One of our highly trained, professional staff members will arrive at your location with a fully-equipped pump truck. We will open your tank and insert a hose from the truck into the bottom of your tank. With the hose in place, we will turn on the pump and in 20-30 minutes, your tank will be emptied.

Call us today to discuss your septic tank pumping needs and get the peace of mind of knowing your septic system is clean and clear and ready for business.