Tukwila Septic Systems


Is your property not on the Tukwila city sewer system? In that case, you must depend on the septic system installed on your property for disposal of sewage and waste water. Lee’s Sanitation Service offers its expert services for septic system installation, septic tank maintenance, and repairs for septic tank problems. We have been providing all sorts of services for residential or commercial septic systems in Tukwila, WA since 1950.

Over the decades, our business has notched up a fine reputation for septic tank maintenance and solving septic tank problems that have helped us win the trust, respect and lifelong patronage of a huge number of Tukwila customers. We credit our impressive growth to:

  • Honest and highly professional services for septic tank maintenance
  • Tendency to work thoroughly, with attention to detail for septic tank problems
  • Friendly customer service and focus on building lasting relationships in Tukwila
  • Affordable prices on all septic maintenance and repairs for septic tank problems

Tukwila Septic Tank Maintenance


Do you remember when you last had septic tank maintenance? Don’t take septic systems for granted without paying attention to the need for septic maintenance and repairs for septic tank problems. Allow us to assist you in determining your sanitation needs and establishing the necessary Tukwila septic tank maintenance program.

We will pump, repair or replace the septic tank as required. With our knowledge, skills and experience, we are all that you need to ensure that your septic systems serve you efficiently for years to come.

The comprehensive services we provide for Tukwila septic systems include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Installation of pressure and mound septic systems
  • Septic tank maintenance and repair
  • Distribution box maintenance and repair
  • Septic tank removal
  • Sewage pump repair for septic tank problems

Tukwila Septic Tank Problems


In the absence of regular Tukwila septic tank maintenance, septic tanks start accumulating solids and ultimately begin overflowing. This clogs the drain fields and contaminates the ground water, creating a severely hazardous situation. Slush buildup in the tanks of septic systems may even cause sewage backup into the building. If you are experiencing such septic tank problems, call us immediately.

We can resolve your septic tank problems in Tukwila by:

  • Putting over six decades of our experience in septic systems to work for you
  • Having fully-equipped pump trucks to handle your septic tank maintenance needs
  • Employing highly trained technicians to work on your septic tank problems
  • Giving you expert tips for keeping your Tukwila septic systems flowing smoothly

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for the fastest, most economical, effective, and lasting solutions to your septic tank problems in Tukwila. To reach us, dial (253) 245-1080. We know Tukwila septic systems and can take care of your septic maintenance and repairs for septic tank problems in no time.

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