Snoqualmie Septic Systems


The people of Snoqualmie, WA who have their properties on the city sewer system do not need to worry about the upkeep of a septic system as it is the job of the municipality.

However, properties that are not connected to the municipal sewers must maintain independent septic systems, and the respective Snoqualmie property owners are responsible for getting these installed. Septic tank maintenance and dealing with septic tank problems are also their headaches.

We, at Lee’s Sanitation Service offer professional help with septic systems for Snoqualmie residents. Our company offers comprehensive services for septic systems, including their:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

We are also licensed for making inspection of septic systems installed in Snoqualmie properties.

Snoqualmie Septic Tank Maintenance


The septic system in any home or business place is under constant use as it processes waste that is generated almost non-stop. Stalling of the systems can bring the property to a standstill and disrupt the life of its inhabitants in a big way.

Regular septic tank maintenance is the best way for Snoqualmie residents to ensure that they have minimum septic tank problems. However, they should remember that septic tank maintenance is not a DIY task, but a job for professionals like us. We have the trained technicians and specialized equipment that are required for cleaning and maintaining septic systems.

Our on-time and thorough septic tank maintenance services in Snoqualmie properties make sure that the systems:

  • Keep working efficiently and reliably
  • Do not create any hygiene issues for our customers
  • Have a long lifespan

Snoqualmie Septic Tank Problems


Depending on the size of the septic system, septic tank maintenance and pumping is required every 3-5 years to avoid septic tank problems in Snoqualmie properties. Besides getting timely septic tank maintenance services, property owners should also take care of some things.

Septic tank problems can be thwarted to a large extent if people:

  • Invest in a septic system that is adequate for their property
  • Stop non-biodegradable waste from going down their drains
  • Keep their garbage disposals well-maintained
  • Do not let excessive water fill up the septic tank
  • Minimize chemicals and anti-bacterial materials flowing into the system

Still, septic tank problems can happen in Snoqualmie despite taking all care. That is the time to call in our skilled professionals for septic tank repairs!

Trust Lee’s Sanitation Service for installation, maintenance and repair of septic systems in Snoqualmie. Call (253)-245-1080.

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