Sammamish Septic Systems


There are a number of properties in Sammamish, WA that are not connected to the city sewer system. Installation of septic systems in such Sammamish homes and businesses is essential for proper disposal of the solid and liquid waste that gets generated daily.

These systems collect all the waste and discharge the wastewater into the ground after removing the harmful micro-organisms. Obviously, efficient septic systems are critical for Sammamish residents to maintain hygienic, safe and inhabitable properties. That is why they must get their systems installed only by a company that is:

  • Well-equipped for the job
  • Reputed for quality workmanship
  • Experienced in installing septic systems in big and small properties

This is where Lee’s Sanitation Service comes in. We have been installing septic systems for Sammamish homes and businesses since 1950. Our stellar standing in the community and huge customer base say a lot about our capabilities.

Sammamish Septic Tank Maintenance


Our expertise also extends to solving septic tank problems. We offer septic tank maintenance and repair services in Sammamish to keep septic systems working without a hitch.

Having the septic system perform sluggishly or get stalled can create a nightmarish situation in any home or business place. Sewage can start backing up into the property, causing an unbearable mess and stench. Proper septic tank maintenance is the key to keeping septic tank problems at bay.

Calling us for regular septic tank maintenance can help Sammamish residents keep their systems working optimally. We send over trained and experienced technicians to perform septic tank maintenance. Their services include:

  • Septic tank pumping and cleaning
  • Inspection of the septic system
  • Fixing any issue detected in any component of the system

Sammamish Septic Tank Problems


Our septic tank maintenance experts also give valuable advice to customers to help reduce the septic tank problems they experience in their Sammamish homes or commercial establishments.

Keeping a few simple things in mind can help people avoid many of their septic tank problems. These include:

  • Limit the use of anti-bacterial soaps
  • Do not plant big trees near the drain field
  • Use water judiciously, do not let too much of it go into the septic tank
  • Do not throw too many chemicals down the drains

In case you do face septic tank problems in Sammamish, feel free to call us to fix them!

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic system installation, maintenance or repair in Sammamish. Dial (253)-245-1080.

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