Puyallup Septic Systems


Lee’s Sanitation Service is the top name when it comes to solving septic tank problems in the state of WA. The business was started in 1950 and it maintains its tradition of making sure that every client is provided with nothing short of excellence when it comes to septic systems repairs and septic tank maintenance. One of the reasons it is a trusted name is the fact that it provides high-quality service and products at the most affordable rates.

By providing home and business owners with the highest-quality septic systems in Puyallup, the company makes sure that each property has a system that functions well without any septic tank problems. Other services that the company offers property owners are:

  • Septic tank maintenance
  • Maintenance of pumps, drains, pipes, etc.
  • Repair of septic tank problems
  • Pumping of drains
  • Regular checking of tanks, drains, etc.
  • Installation and repair of distribution boxes and drain fields
  • Drain cleaning

Apart from being an installation and repair expert, the company is also a licensed onsite inspection agency for septic systems in commercial and residential properties in the state.

Puyallup Septic Tank Maintenance


Septic tank maintenance is essential when it comes to owning a property in Puyallup. Making sure that your septic system functions properly gives you peace of mind and also prevents exposure to harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and other organisms that can cause deadly diseases. It also saves you from the embarrassment of having a stench reeking from your property. Proper septic tank maintenance will prevent small septic tank problems from escalating into major ones.

Repairs should also be done at the earliest. This way, you save money and also make sure that your septic system always functions without any risk of leaks, blockages, etc. Septic tank problems can be a challenging ordeal to go through, and repairs can also be quite time-consuming. This is exactly why you need the help of trained and experienced technicians to aid you with all your septic tank woes.

Puyallup Septic Tank Problems


To avoid problems with septic systems in Puyallup, it is imperative that you seek the help of professionals. Who would be the most reliable and efficient? Well, Lee’s Sanitation Service of course! With its comprehensive solutions for all problems related to septic systems, you can always expect superb results after its technicians have completed their job, whether it is installation, repairs, septic tank maintenance, etc.

Always look for the best sanitation service, and leave the dirty work to the experts! Call the Pierce County office at (253)-777-1750or King County at (253)-245-1080 today to make an appointment or gain more information.