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Sewage and waste water is not the typical topic at the dinner table; but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten entirely.  If you are not on a Maple Valley city sewer system, you are relying on your septic tank and septic system to dispose of toilet waste as well as water waste from washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, tubs and showers.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has been serving Maple Valley home and business owners for over 50 years and can be trusted to provide professional service for all of your septic system requirements, including septic pumping, in the Maple Valley area.septic-pumping-maple-valley-wa

Maple Valley Home and Business – Septic Pumping Maintenance

Septic pumping on a regular basis will keep your system operating efficiently.  A typical tank requires septic pumping every three to five years; depending upon the level of use. 

It is better to error on the side of caution because when a septic tank becomes full, the waste water and sewage can be forced back into your toilets and sinks, as well as other drains within your home. 

This messy and unhealthy event can be avoided with routine septic pumping procedures that are quick and painless for the property owner. 

  • Bringing a fully-equipped pump truck to your location in Maple Valley
  • Highly-trained operator inserts the truck hose into the bottom of your tank
  • Septic pumping is completed in 20-30 minutes


Septic Pumping Maple Valley * Septic Pumping Services

Do and Don’ts for Maple Valley – Efficient Septic Systems

Your Maple Valley septic system is comprised of three major parts; the drain field, a septic tank and a distribution box that links the two together.  The clearer, partially treated liquid is piped to the distribution box which then distributes it into the various lines that run directly to yourSeptic_System_Removal_Tacoma drain field. 

The drain field perforated pipes are in gravel trenches and are covered with topsoil and planted with grass. 

This process allows for a natural filtering of the waste water and results in clean and safe water returning to the environment. 

To keep your Maple Valley septic system working efficiently:

  • Do have septic pumping done regularly
  • Do plant grass on or near your drain field
  • Do have your system components inspected (distribution box, baffles and pipes)
  • Don’t flush paints or chemicals like bleach
  • Don’t park vehicles or drive over your drain field
  • Don’t flush anything but typical toilet paper – bacteria cannot break down hair, floss, powder detergents, and feminine products

For more information on maintaining your Maple Valley septic system, call Lee’s Sanitation Service.  253-245-1080