Kent Septic Systems


Lee’s Sanitation Service is a name that is recognized all over the state. It was established in 1950 and to this day, it is still one of the most trusted sanitation service and septic tank maintenance companies in King County and Pierce County.

Being in the business of fixing septic tank problems for over six decades, the company has the experience to provide excellent and comprehensive sanitation solutions for residential and commercial properties. When it comes to septic systems and septic tank maintenance in Kent WA, you cannot go wrong with the company that has been providing the best services at affordable rates.

The Kent company knows that septic tank problems, repairs and septic tank maintenance are not the easiest tasks in the world. They require skill as well as experience if the job is to be done well. Its services include the following:

  • Installation of septic systems
  • Repair and maintenance services for septic tanks
  • Installation and repair of distribution boxes and drain fields
  • Pumping septic tanks
  • Cleaning drains
  • Repairs of pumps and pipes

The company makes sure that your septic system functions without any problems. It is also a licensed onsite inspector for septic systems.

Kent Septic Tank Maintenance


Septic tank problems can be a major hassle to tackle, especially if you are inexperienced in the matter. A company that has years of experience comes in handy, as its technicians are trained and skilled to take care of any problems you may be facing with your septic tank. These trained specialists take on septic tank jobs for residential and commercial properties so that your property always has a healthy environment that does not emit foul odors.

Taking care of septic systems in Kent is a must, as it prevents small problems from escalating and becoming expensive to repair. The sooner you take care of the problem, the better.

Professional septic system maintenance and repair services are well-equipped and have the know-how for how to take care of each problem that you are facing on your property. They make sure that you do not need to get your hands dirty as long as they are there.

Kent Septic Tank Problems


A regular checkup of your septic system is the best way to avoid septic tank problems. In Kent, as well as everywhere, septic tank maintenance is the best solution if you do have septic tank woes. Lee’s Sanitation Service has provided decades of affordable and efficient solutions for septic systems maintenance in the state of Washington.

It is a name that people have come to rely on to get the best service in the industry.

To make an appointment or gain more information about septic tank problems or septic tank maintenance, contact the Pierce County office at (253)-777-1750or King County at (253)-245-1080.

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