Federal Way Septic Systems


Septic systems are used for easy disposal of waste water. The water that is regarded as waste may contain germs that can cause various types of diseases. Some pollutants may also be carried along with the water. These pollutants should be treated so that both humans and environment can be protected.

We at Lee’s Sanitation are here to design and install good quality septic systems. Federal Way residents can trust us for all their septic system needs.

While designing septic systems,Federal Way residents should take care of the three important parts. These are:

  • Septic tank
  • Drain field
  • Soil below drain field

The septic tank consists of a box that is made up of concrete and is water tight. The best place to design this tank is in the surrounding of the house. It can hold a large amount of liquid.

The drain field connects the tank with the help of a pipe that is buried under the ground. The drain field is made up of 3-4 trenches. The trenches are lined by a layer of stones. Further the area is landscaped to separate the surface water from the waste water.

The main motive of the drain field is to make a passage so that the waste water reaches the soil. The water is further purified by the soil before it reaches its destination.

Federal Way Septic Tank Maintenance


Septic tank maintenance is important. It should be maintained properly for its smooth working and to avoid any septic tank problems. For septic tank maintenance,Federal Way residents can contact us.

We at Lee’s Sanitation make sure that your septic tank remains clean and no deposits are there. If the septic tank maintenance work is not done, there are chances that the waste water will come back through your drains.

While hiring services for septic tank maintenance, Federal Way property owners should always consider us as we provide specialized services.

Federal Way Septic Tank Problems


To avoid septic tank problems, the tanks should be cleaned at regular intervals. You should never try to pump the septic tank yourself; rather contact a professional for all your septic tank problems.

To get relieved from all your septic tank problems, contact us at (253)-777-1750. We have a team of trained professionals that can help you in all your septic systems installations, septic tank maintenance, and septic tank problems.

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