Des Moines Septic Systems


A system that efficiently treats the waste water in an underground system is known as septic system. For the installation of septic systems, Des Moines, WA residents should contact us. When it comes to installing or septic tank maintenance, we at Lee’s Sanitation provide very effective services.

A septic system is necessary because it helps in disposing of all the waste water that is generated in the house. It is often seen as an economical investment. The two important part of the septic system includes septic tank and a drain field. The design of the system should always be kept simple.

While finalizing the design of septic systems, Des Moines residents should get it designed according to the space that is available in their backyards or wherever they want to get it installed.

Des Moines Septic Tank Maintenance


The tank should be properly maintained and for efficient septic tank maintenance, Des Moines residents should always trust a professional. The frequency of the maintenance of the tank depends upon the number of occupants in the house, amount of the water used and the amount of solid waste that might be present in the waste water.

While doing septic tank maintenance, Des Moines residents should not try it themselves. They might not be able to do it properly. Hire Lee’s Sanitation for all your cleaning needs. We can maintain your septic tank in its best condition.

For septic tank maintenance Des Moines residents should always remember:

  • Not to add chemicals to the waste water
  • Not to flush oil down the drains
  • Not to cover the tank with something heavy
  • Not to do any construction near the tank

Des Moines Septic Tank Problems


For avoiding septic tank problems the residents of Des Moines should hire a professional for all their septic tank needs.

For installing septic systems residents of Des Moines area and beyond can contact us. We provide services for new installations of septic tank, its repairs and the maintenance of septic tank to avoid any septic tank problems.

Having a healthy environment around you will also keep you cheerful. Help the environment by re using the water and maintain a healthy environment around you.

Call us today at (253)-777-1750 and get a list of various services, including the installation of septic systems, septic tank maintenance, and the solving of septic tank problems that are provided by us and how these can benefit you in many ways.

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