Covington Septic Systems


Have you ever thought where the water goes, after the sink has been emptied? People who live in large cities do not have to worry about waste water because the municipal sewage system is there.

But for the people who reside in rural areas, disposing of the waste water can be a problem. Therefore septic systems are the need of the hour. For installation of septic systems, Covington residents can contact Lee’s Sanitation.

Septic systems are a type of system that is often located in the backyard of the house. It is used for the treatment of waste water. This system collects all the waste water that is produced in the house and then treats this water, so that no chemical gets mixed with the ground water.

It may also be called as leaching system. The main purpose of the tank is to separate any solid particles that might be present in the water. The septic tank should be water tight.

Its size depends upon the area in which it is to be built. For all the information regarding septic systems, Covington residents can contact us.

Covington Septic Tank Maintenance


For keeping the septic tank working, its repair and maintenance is important. For septic tank maintenance, Covington residents should always be alert. The septic tank maintenance work should be carried out once in 2 years.

Septic tank maintenance and repair of the tank is important for its correct working. It should be made sure that no chemical is flushed down the drain. As the bacteria helps in the breaking down of the organic material in the water hence no harm to the bacteria should be done.

For undertaking septic tank maintenance, Covington residents should always hire an expert. If any problem is faced regarding the septic tank, immediate action should be taken to mend it.

Covington Septic Tank Problems


By hiring Lee’s Sanitation, many septic tank problems can be solved. Various septic tank problems that you might have been facing for a long time can be easily solved by us. With experience of more than 60 years, we are the leaders in the septic tank maintenance and sanitation industry.

We are the one stop solution for all your septic tank problems. So let us help you in solving all your problems. Give us a call today at (253)-777-1750 and forget about all your septic tank problems.

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