Burien Septic Systems

Affordable Septic Systems in Burien, WA 98146.

People who live in homes that do not connect with the sewage system of their area are well versed with the importance of having septic systems.This system includes septic tanks in which the solid residue gets settled and then undergoes the process of decomposition.

A drain field is attached to the septic tank. Here the waste water is treated with the help of bacteria that are present in the soil. Septic systems are required to treat the waste water, so that the ground water does not get polluted.

By installing septic systems,Burien residents can ensure better health of their family. A properly located and designed septic system can be very beneficial. Therefore, for the installation of the best quality septic systems, as well as septic tank maintenance, Burien residents should hire Lee’s Sanitation Service.

Burien Septic Tank Maintenance

Hire Lee's Sanitation Service for your Burien Septic Tank Maintenance job!

The repair and maintenance of the septic tank that is installed should be a regular affair. It should be pumped out at regular intervals of two or three years. For septic tank maintenance, Burien house owners should seek the help of professionals.

Inspection of the septic tank at regular intervals is very important. A record of the septic tank maintenance work should be kept. No building or any other structure should be built on the septic tank because if the absorption field of the tank is covered then it will not work properly.

Non-degradable material should not be thrown in the tank and the use of chemicals should be sparing in order to avoid septic tank problems. If the following signs persist then the system may not be working properly:

  • Water clogging leading to foul smell
  • Return of waste water into the house
  • Presence of soap discharge on the surface of the water
  • Surface of the ground becoming too soft

For septic tank maintenance and the solving of septic tank problems, Burien residents should keep the above points in mind so that the amount of money that is required for the repair of the tank can be decreased.

Burien Septic Tank Problems

Hire Lee's Sanitation Service for all of your Burien septic tank problems.

The question that now arises is that how to avoid the septic tank problems being faced by the Burien residents.

We at Lee’s sanitation treat all kind of septic tank problems. Hire us, as we have all the latest equipment that are needed for septic tank maintenance and to solve different kind of septic tank problems.

Call us at (253)-777-1750 today and enjoy a wide variety of services.

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