Bonney Lake Septic Systems


For the treatment of water that has been discarded, septic systems are used. These are the systems that are not connected to the main sewerage systems. In the septic systems that function properly, all the pollutants are removed with the help of bacteria.

The septic system consists of septic tank and drain field. All the biological processes take place in the septic tank after that the water goes into drain field for further treatment. For installing septic systems Bonney Lake residents can contact or hire a person who is an expert.

A lot of problems might be faced to keep the septic system working properly. Some of these are:

  • Non-biodegradable substance may hinder the working of the system
  • Some chemicals may kill the bacteria therefore making the system work slow
  • Roots of large trees can clog the drain field
  • Increased water load may disrupt the working of the septic system

To increase the life of the septic systems, Bonney Lake residents should always be careful.

Bonney Lake Septic Tank Maintenance


The septic tank should be maintained for various reasons, the two most crucial reasons being money and health.

People should never try septic tank maintenance themselves. Being underground, the maintenance of the septic tanks is expensive and trying to do it yourself can escalate septic tank problems further. Therefore a professional should be hired for septic tank maintenance. Bonney Lake residents can contact Lee’s Sanitation for the cleaning of their septic tanks.

Another reason for maintaining the septic tank is for the good health of your family. When a clean environment is provided, the family always remains in a good health. Unclean surroundings can lead to outbreak of various diseases.

While hiring someone for septic tank maintenance, Bonney Lake home owners should choose only the best.

Bonney Lake Septic Tank Problems


To avoid septic tank problems, regular cleaning of the septic tank should be done. Avoid building something that is heavy on the tank, so that septic tank problems can be avoided.

For cleaning and maintenance process of your tank, contact Lee’s Sanitation. We have an army of experts that will help you in dealing with all type of septic tank problems. We are experts when it comes to installation and septic tank maintenance.

So call us today at (253)-777-1750 and be free from all kind of septic tank problems as well as feel the difference in the environment.

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