Septic Systems Auburn

Auburn Septic Systems


People, who live or have their businesses in the rural part of Auburn, WA know the importance of septic systems. These are the systems in which all the water that is used daily in a house or commercial place is collected and purified.

Septic systems that work properly are capable of removing all the disease causing micro organisms from the waste water. On the other hand, a system that is not well installed will not remove any kind of impurities or organisms.

Therefore while planning to install septic systems,Auburn residents should always get it installed from a reputed and experienced company. We at Lee’s Sanitation are the best company in the industry. We provide good quality service at reasonable rates.

Having an experience of 60 years, we provide the best services for septic systems. Auburn residents should contact us to experience an all new level of septic system services.

Auburn Septic Tank Maintenance


Septic tank maintenance is important for its proper working. When maintaining the systems, some points should be remembered.

  • Too much water should not be used
  • Use of such material that the bacteria finds difficult to decompose should be avoided
  • The cleaning of the tank should be undertaken by a professional at regular intervals
  • Use of household goods in excess amount should be avoided
  • Disposing of oils or paint in the sink should be avoided

To avoid various kinds of septic tank problems, the septic tanks should be maintained properly. For septic tank maintenance,Auburn residents can completely rely upon us as our work incorporates the most advanced and latest technology.

We specialize in pumping out the unnecessary material from the septic tank. We will also take care of all your problems related toseptic tank maintenance. Auburn residents need to give us a call and we will be there in a matter of few minutes.

Auburn Septic Tank Problems


To avoid having septic tank problems, you can adopt a number of methods. First of all limit the use of chemicals that go down the sink. Avoid soaps that are anti bacterial. Plant grass on the top of the septic tank as this will decrease the soil erosion.

Contact us, Lee’s Sanitation, if you face any septic tank problems. We deal in solving all kind of septic tank problems. So feel free to call us at (253)-777-1750.