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Keeping your Tukwila septic system in good working order is a must for home and business owners. It is easy to forget that when you are not on Tukwila city sewers, you rely completely on your septic system to process all of the waste water and solid waste that your home or business uses. 

septic-tank-pumping-tukwila-wa This waste water comes from not only your restrooms, but also from all other drains including washing machines, dishwashers, showers, tubs and sinks.

For over 60 years, Lee’s Sanitation Service has been serving the Tukwila community with professional septic tank pumping, maintenance and repairs, and complete septic system new installations.

Having Tukwila septic tank pumping done on a regular basis is the first step in maintaining your septic system. Normal usage will dictate how often you need to do septic pumping, but for most Tukwila home or business owners, that means every 3-5 years. This septic pumping maintenance is required because:


  • Solid sewage material (called sludge) sinks to the bottom of the tank
  • Over time sludge will build up and thicken
  • A grease layer will form at the top of the tank
  • Without septic pumping, grease and sludge can clog inlets and outlets from the tank


When a septic tank becomes full, it no longer operates properly. Without septic pumping, the result will be that the sewage will have no place to go but to back up into the drains and toilets of your Tukwila home or business. This unpleasant, messy and unhealthy event can be avoided by maintaining a routine septic tank pumping schedule.

Tukwila Septic Pumping * Tukwila Septic Tank Pumping Services


The septic tank pumping service is painless for the Tukwila home or business owner. Once you schedule an appointment, you can leave the dirty work to us! Our highly-trained and professional pumping crew will come to your Tukwila location ready to go to work. You can expect:


  • Complete respect for customer and their property
  • A fully-equipped septic pumping truck on site
  • Septic tank pumping done in less than 30 minutes


Septic Pumping Services Tukwila * Avoid Excessive Septic Tank Pumping

Here are a few suggestions to keep your Tukwila septic system in proper working order and to avoid excessive septic tank pumping:


  • Routine septic tank pumping
  • Do not plant bushes or trees on or around your drain field
  • Do not drive through or park vehicles on your drain field
  • Only flush toilet paper
  • Never dispose of chemicals (like bleach or paint) in your drains


Tukwila residents can trust Lee’s Sanitation Service for all of their septic system’s needs. Call 253-245-1080 to schedule an appointment for septic pumping today!