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Keeping your septic system working properly is a first priority for Tacoma property owners.  Lee’s Sanitation Service has been the first choice for septic tank pumping and sanitation services for over six decades.  We serve the greater King and Pierce counties with quality septic system installation, septic tank pumping, and repair and maintenance services.septic-tank-pumping-tacoma-wa

If Tacoma residential or business owners are not on the Tacoma city sewer system, you are depending on your septic system to effectively process all waste water. 

This waste water comes from not only toilets, but your sink, tub, shower, dishwasher or washing machine as well.  With proper maintenance of your system, which includes normal septic tank pumping, you can help avoid costly future septic system repairs.

Without proper septic pumping, your septic tank can become filled with contaminated liquid and sewage.  If it no longer functions correctly, this liquid and sewage will back up into your toilet, as well as sinks and other drains.  To avoid this unhealthy and messy experience, you should have septic pumping done on a regular basis. 

We recommend septic pumping every three to five years depending on the amount of normal usage.  Septic tank pumping is quick and easy for the professionals at Lee’s Sanitation Service.  Our Tacoma customers can expect septic pumping services that include:


  • Qualified professionals with the right equipment for septic pumping
  • A fully-equipped truck for septic tank pumping at your location
  • Complete septic pumping in 20-30 minutes


Tacoma Septic Pumping Needs * Tacoma Septic Systems


Your Tacoma septic system has two major systems.  The first is your septic tank that holds and processes all of the waste water and solid waste from your home or Tacoma business.  The second is the drain field where the waste water is filtered naturally bytacoma-wa-septic-tank-pumping bacteria.  This natural filtration breaks down any harmful viruses or organisms so that the water becomes safe and clean for the environment. 

Tacoma septic tank pumping is to remove the solid waste that is held in the septic tank.  Tips for Tacoma septic system users on how to avoid frequent septic pumping:


  • Do not use a garbage disposal
  • Inspect your system – d-box, pipes and baffles
  • Do not dispose of paint, bleach or other chemicals
  • Do not flush anything but toilet paper – no detergents, cat litter, hair or plastic


Proper maintenance and normal septic pumping will keep your septic system running smoothly.  Schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping today.  Tacoma customers call 253-777-1750.