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You might not be talking about Federal Way septic tank pumping over coffee every morning, but you also shouldn’t take your system for granted.

You are dependent upon your septic system for holding, filtering and processing of all waste water out of your house or Federal Way business, if you are not on Federal Way city sewers.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has been providing septic maintenance, septic tank pumping service and sanitation solutions for the Federal Way and the north Puget Sound area for over 60 years. We’re here to assist – – should you desire repair, septic pumping and upkeep, or a fresh installation!


Federal Way Septic Pumping Procedure * Federal Way Septic Pumping Care

Federal Way septic tanks supply a holding place for all waste water. Not just toilet solid and fluid waste, but additionally any waste water from basins, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers or automatic washers. Septic tank pumping service is suggested every 3-5 years with respect to the quantity of ordinary use. The reason septic pumping is needed:

  • Heavy material called sludge (or sewage) will sink to the base
  • This sludge will become further or heavier in time
  • A grease coating becomes visible at the top of the septic tank
  • A septic tank filled with sludge and oil will clog inlets to the home

If your Federal Way septic tank becomes blocked or full, the effect will be sewage backing up in to your lavatories, basins and additional drains. The easiest method to prevent this stinky and harmful clutter is to schedule a routine septic tank pumping service.

Federal Way Septic Tank Suggestions * Prevent Excessive Septic Pumping

A septic tank pumping service is a simple process for the Federal Way house or business owner. Simply give us a call to setup a consultation and leave the messy details with the specialists at Lee’s Sanitation Service. This is exactly what you can get from our experienced septic container pumping crew:


  • Fully-equipped septic pumping truck
  • Courtesy and regard for clients and home
  • Complete septic tank pumping done in 20-30 minutes

Although septic pumping is important for maintaining your Federal Way septic system, we can provide additional recommendations and ideas for sustaining your present system. Prevent excessive septic tank pumping services:

  • Do not grow trees near your drain field — roots can create harm to pipes & conduits
  • Do not allow vehicles to part or drive through your drain field — they’ll compact the dirt
  • Do not flush compounds, bleach or color that will destroy organic germs

You may trust Lee’s Sanitation Service for Federal Way septic pumping and septic system solutions. Give us a call today. 253-245-1080